Human Resources Solutions

It is an organisations culture, not its people, that is its greatest asset. Assisting with employee engagement, optimising work performance, correcting employee conduct or restructuring operations are all culture shaping interventions. We consider the impact of such change on organisational culture as a primary consideration with each intervention. After all, the development of an organisations’ greatest asset should be undertaken by design, and not simply left to chance.

We have significant expertise in successfully implementing change and supporting leadership, as is evident from our recent project list. In addition, our employment relations services are retained on a continual basis by one of our multi-national facilities services clients, as are our employee engagement services by a trans-Tasman operation.

Recent Projects

Targeted salary benchmarking

Forecasting impacts of political change on strategy

Overview and redraft of industry specific employment agreements

Restructures (both unionised and senior managerial)

Development of bespoke position description for newly created leadership role

Skilled employee retention initiative

Assistance with union challenge

Developing large-scale trades recruitment strategy

Advising on organisational structure

Assistance with employee disputes

Union bargaining for Collective Agreements

Facilitating resolution to opposing operational strategy positions

Developing site strategy for employee retention

Implementing strategy for developing off-shore talent pool

Employment Relations training