About Praxis Change

Praxis Change was launched in 2016 as part of a new operating model for a large multi-national facilities services company.

Their New Zealand operation, for which Praxis Change founder André Reynolds was employed as General Manager: People (and was a member of their Senior Leadership Team), made the decision to outsource their human resources requirements.

André established Praxis Change to take up this opportunity and to develop long-term partnerships with other organisations requiring similar assistance and specialist advice.

What does it mean?

Praxis: noun prax·is \ˈprak-səs\  – practice, as distinguished from theory

Change: verb \ˈchānj\ – make or become different

Change – it is inevitable and constant in nature, as it is in business. To epitomise the importance of this to our approach, our logo comprises four colours, which revolve with each change of season